“Umuntu wa Bantu!”

Meet Brian Mushimba the Kankoyo Constituency Aspiring Candidate for MP
Kankoyo Constituency is an urban constituency yearning for more development and for someone to take it beyond 2016. Konkoyo needs a leader that can help drive infrastructure development over the next several years. The victory of the Patriotic Front sits on the shoulders of constituencies such as Konkoyo, Kantanshi and Mufulira at large. Kankoyo has such potential and Brian Mushimba is the man that will develop that potential and make the residents of Kankoyo realize their true potential.

For close to twenty years, the 41 year old American trained Engineer, spent his life in the diaspora. The PF Kankoyo constituency candidate, Brian Mushimba, may not be widely known locally, but internationally, he is an acclaimed and respected Engineer.

Brian is a doer and before long his political success will rival and soon exceed his professional success as an Engineer.

He has lifted the Zambian flag high and has never forgotten to speak highly of our central African country in all his overseas international assignments. Brian's work has been recognized by leaders such as President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who has spoken highly of Brian and has hosted him at various gatherings in Kampala on several occasions.

Among his many international assignments, Mushimba worked as Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Eskom group in Uganda and this is when he made contacts with President Museveni.

His ability to connect with people at he grassroots level and also to liaise with leaders in the highest places makes Brian the ideal candidate to effect change in Kankoyo and beyond.

In Uganda, he gave vital technical and professional support and advice to the East African country on their electricity supply chain and security that has now seen Uganda almost resolving the power blues in that country.

Brian Mushimba may possibly be the link that may be required to add to the work being undertaken in order to resolve Zambia's energy crisis. He could be what Zambia has been looking for to find an innovative solution that can end the outages and ongoing energy crisis.

President Edgar Lungu will take serious interest in the upcoming Kankoyo PF lawmaker and will not hesitate to work with him, use his skills and expertise to drive new policies that will effect change.

It was Brian's expertise that made it a no-brainer for the PF Central Committee to adopt him among 12 other aspiring candidates. They clearly saw his potential and ability to make a difference.

Brian is not new to the PF party. He has quietly been a supporter of PF since its inception and was an admirer of its founder member, HE Michael C. Sata (MHSRIP). He had his first encounter with the late PF president in 2009. The duo shared the love for country and the passion for uplifting many citizens out of poverty. Brian then filed to be adopted on the PF ticket as an MP for Kankoyo in the 2011 general elections but withdrew his application in the middle of the adoption process as he felt the time was not right. Brian continued to contribute to the party and patiently waited for the time to put his bid in for MP. That time is now and Brian Mushimba is the man for the job.

Brian Mushimba's Priorities as MP will be threefold:

1. Empowerment

Dedication to the empowerment of Youth, Women and men. Reopen skills training centers to cater to all ages. Lobby for funds to spur entrepreneurship among those that desire to run their businesses and foster an environment that encourages small businesses while providing basis skills to be able to manage and grow those businesses.

2. Infrastructure Rejuvenation

Strive to build new roads and repair exiting roads. Ensure that all clinics are adequately staffed and work at rebuilding and modernizing schools, sewer systems and providing access to clean water and sanitation to all.

3. Connect Kankoyo to the World

Advertise Kankoyo to the world and see funding, donor aid and support that is available for a community such as Kankoyo.

“The Change Kankoyo Needs. The Voice it Deserves.”

Meet Brian
Brian Mushimba has embarked on a life long political journey of service to his community. He is a humble dedicated servant leader that puts the people first and allows his passion to drive results. At heart, Brian dreams of a better Zambia and a better life for its people.
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